‘Thigh injury → September A-match out’ Lee Kang-in, when will he play at the Asian Games?

Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain) is committed to recovering from a thigh injury. He is expected to be out until at least the September A matches. He is expected to return to action at the Asian Games, but it will be after the tournament to ensure his natural fitness.

Paris Saint-Germain announced on their official website, “Lee Kang-In has sustained an injury to his left quadriceps. He will continue his treatment until at least the end of the next A-match period.” Last time it was the right side, this time it’s the left.

Lee left Mallorca this summer to join Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain is the favorite to win the UEFA Champions League beyond the French Ligue 1. Until last season, they had some of the best players in the world, including Lionel Messi and Neymar.

“It’s a team I’ve known since I was a kid,” he says of joining Paris Saint-Germain. Paris Saint-Germain is one of the best teams in the world. They have the best players in the world. I can’t wait to start my adventure with Paris Saint-Germain, I want to win every game and help them win as many titles as possible,” he said.

“I am a midfielder who can play right or left winger. I can play in different positions. He is comfortable on the ball. He has a great desire to win. I want to be part of the team and contribute to the team’s victory. I am honored to be the first Korean in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. I’m playing for Korea and I’m playing for Paris Saint-Germain. I will always do my best to show my best on the pitch,” he said.

After joining Paris Saint-Germain, Lee Kang-in trained with his teammates in a cheerful atmosphere. Neymar, who was also in the team’s training session, smiled at Lee and had fun with him. The rest of the players, including Mbappe, who had received additional rest after the A match, joined the team for a full-scale team training.

Neymar played in a preseason friendly against Le Havre (France) at PSG’s Paris campus. He led the team’s attack from the right wing and had a sharp performance, wearing the number 19 shirt. He was joined by Luca Hernandez, Marco Asensio, and Manuel Ugarte.

Paris Saint-Germain continued their attacking work through Lee Kang-In, and his passing was brilliant as he moved between the flanks and the center. He linked up well with the fullbacks on the flanks and exchanged fluid passes. His passing into space and pressing was as good as we saw in Mallorca. 카지노사이트

However, he complained of hamstring pain just before halftime. Lee suddenly grabbed his thigh in the 43rd minute. He sprinted forward during a Paris Saint-Germain counter-attack, overloaded and looked uncomfortable, and went to the bench.

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