‘Defending champion’ Azu records first win in Taebaeksanggi…Sun Moon, Goryeo, Sungkyunkwan also win

‘Defending champion’ Ajou University looks to snap two-game losing streak

Ajou University defeated Chungwon National University 1-0 on the first day of the Taebaek Mountain Phase of the 59th Autumn College Football Championship in Taebaek, a leisure sports city in the highlands of Gangwon Province, on Wednesday. Ajou University had won last year’s tournament with a 1-0 victory over Sun Moon University. The team got off to a good start on the first day of the group stage.

Sun Moon University also recorded its first win, beating Kimhae University 2-0. Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, and 꽁머니사이트 Andong University of Science and Technology also secured victories.

◇59th Autumn University Football League Baekdu Daeganggi (12th)

Hongik 0-0 Hoiwon, Korea University 4-1 Songho, Sungkyunkwan 5-2 Segyeong, Ajou 1-0 Jungwon, Mokpo Science 1-5 Andong Science, Dong-A 0-1 Full Gospel Assembly, Yonsei 1-0 Gyeongil, Dankook 1-1 Game, Hanyang 2-4 Chosun, Dongguk 2-5 Hannam, Sun Moon 2-0 Gimhae, Cheongwoon 1-4 Honam, Busan Outside 0-1 Gumi, Cheongju 2-1 Chodang, Wonkwang 1-2 Inje, Jeju Halla 2-1 Dongyang, Daegu 2-3 Yeoju, Kukje Cyber 2-0 Seoul Digital, Suseong 0-4 Calvin, Dongshin 0-4 Cyber Outside

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